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Daily Coping Solutions for COVID-19 #24

Today I am reminded to focus on my intention and reframing my thoughts. The normal Easter season is filled with gatherings, church, egg hunts, and family feasts.  This year is different as millions face the possibility of not being able to meet and hug there loved ones this Easter.

The truth is that it’s natural and healthy to experience a range of feelings, including less pleasant ones like disappointment, sadness or guilt. While there’s no question that ruminating in negative emotions can turn toxic, whitewashing your insecurities with positive thinking is merely a temporary fix. Research shows that asking ourselves questions rather than issuing commands is a much more effective way to create change. It’s as simple as tweaking the way you speak to yourself to reframe perspective.

When you catch your inner critic flinging accusations, think: how can I turn this statement into a question? See what I did there? Asking questions opens up exploration and possibility.

Here’s some examples:

How can this Easter be different and memorable?

What are a few ways I can honor my kids, family, and friends?

When have I had to be flexible and change what is my family going to do?

What if [insert worse case scenario] happens?

How can I…?

This type of self-inquiry powers up problem-solving areas of the brain helping you tap into your innate creativity. You’re able to greet negative thoughts with curiosity instead of fear. Our encouragement for you today is to get curious with yourself to help reframe the natural negative thoughts you are having into more positive ones. You may start to notice major changes in your mindset and an increase in your view of productivity and success.