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Daily Coping Solutions for COVID-19 #23

Traditions & Celebrations

How are you celebrating Easter? Birthday? Graduation? This time of year is one that is filled with rituals, traditions and celebrations. Yesterday I was reflecting on the loss of what we usually do for birthdays, anniversaries, Easter, prom and graduations. I was feeling sad as I recognized this year will be different.

When things are different or require a change naturally humans have an internal instinct to reject what is uncomfortable. Humans are drawn to sticking to what they know as it brings a level of knowing, stability, expectation, and comfort.  That said, there’s still always a way to celebrate and keep special traditions alive, even if it looks a little different this year. I am challenging myself to adjust my expectations and get creative, because when life gives you lemons—well, you know what to do with them. 

Of course, this particular lemon is big and life altering, which leads us to find happiness and comfort in small things, like celebrating what you’d normally be celebrating right now. I am challenging myself to not get caught in complaining about the change, loss or discomfort. Instead, I am choosing to embrace the world’s differences and allowing creativity of developing new ways to celebrate.

Celebrating Virtually

1.     Use Virtual Reality or Streaming:  This is one of those times I am grateful for our advanced technology. You might have had to cancel your anniversary trip or put that annual family hiking trip on hold this year. This is a huge disappointment but there are still creative ways to “travel” while self-isolating. Believe it or not, you can experience music concerts, comedy shows, national park tours, operas, aquariums and zoo attractions from home. You and your spouse can even stream a Broadway musical or virtually tour the Louvre in Paris to mark your anniversary—without leaving the living room (don’t forget the champagne!).

2.     Stream Church Services:  There are a variety of churches that are continuing with Easter celebrations through streaming.  Here are a few options: 

Calvary Chapel:
Online Easter Service Sunday at 8:30a | 10:30a
Special Easter Drive Thru Event Sunday from 11:00-1:00

Online Easter Service Sunday at 9:00 | 10:30 AM

The Heights Church:
Online Good Friday Services Friday at 1p | 3p | 5p | 7p 
Online Easter Sunrise Service Sunday at 5:45a
Online Easter Service Sunday 10:30a | 6:00p 

3.     Plan a Video Chat Party:  Video conferencing platforms are total lifesavers right now—for remote employees,  friends and family trying to party and practice social distancing. It takes some planning and flexibility, but it’s perfectly possible to plan an awesome kid’s birthday party entirely via video conference. Connect with friends, coworkers, and family over video chat for everything from a scheduled birthday happy hours to engagement and anniversary toasts—even Easter and Passover well wishes. Talking on the phone will never go out of style, but there’s something extra-special about “clinking” glasses over FaceTime or Zoom call when celebrating in these tricky times.

4.     Order Your Favorite Bites: Save yourself a trip to the grocery store and support local businesses with a takeout order. If you get the same coconut cake for your birthday every year from the local bakery, or always head to one brunch spot for an Easter feast, check to see if your go-to eatery is still open and willing to deliver or take orders for curbside pickup. There’s something so comforting about eating your traditional favorites, even when other aspects of the occasion need to change.

5.     Brighten Someone Else’s Day: You can’t be with the birthday girl, the graduate, or your amazing grandparents over Passover in person, but why not brighten their day with a thoughtful care package, birthday card, or email surprise.  There are digital gift cards to a local shop or restaurant are the best. Now more than ever, it’s important to remember those who may need a helping hand, message of support, or some spirit-lifting this season.

6.     Host a Virtual Dinner Party: Traditional holiday meals that families look forward to cooking and eating together, like Easter and Passover, will look pretty different this year. That said, while you can’t physically gather and dine at the same table, you can cook your favorites with what you have  and eat simultaneously over video chat. 

We hope you find ways to celebrate with your family and friends as we continue to navigate these challenging times.