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Christ Centered Counseling Services

Invite Jesus into your healing journey

Experience all that God’s truth has to offer His servants. Get a better understanding of His love, peace and joy in your life, and experience restored peace and grace.

Christian Adult

Inviting Christ into the counseling dynamic opens the door for a more fruitful, peaceful and forgiving journey toward healing. Grace & Peace Counseling’s therapists understand that many individuals experience feeling empty, lonely, regret, inadequate, fearful, anxious, low self-worth, etc. With our Christ centered counseling we explore God’s Word and His truth for you in this life so you can experience and live in joy, comfort, peace, abundance and prosperity.

It is easy to fall prey to the lies of this world. Our counselors guide you to a peaceful understanding of God’s truth, growing in a relationship with Him. Through this growth, healing in other areas begin to occur; broken relationships with family, friends, spouse, co-workers and self. Life falls into place when Christ is involved. Heal from pain, trauma, loss, grief and from the attached emotions – anger, bitterness, feeling depressed, resentment, etc, with our Christian counseling clinic.

Christian Youth

Grace & Peace Counseling works with children, adolescents and teens to explore their relationship with God and to bring God’s Word into their personal experiences. With the ever-changing world the youth are vulnerable to unhealthy influences that appear enticing when emotions and hormones are awry. In this crucial time of brain development, it is pertinent to start the work of identifying the emotions and to harness the skills to regulate before rash decisions occur creating regret, shame, isolation and more poor choices.

God’s truth will guide the child to an inner peace, fulfillment, confidence, and esteem that cannot be attained through worldly approaches.  Christ centered counseling leads to healing broken relationships with parents, siblings, friends, and self. Call the Grace & Peace Counseling clinic to schedule a meeting with one of our Christian youth counselors today.