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Specialized Counseling

Specialized Care to Enhance Your Healing at Our Prescott Psychotherapy Practice

Available at our counseling clinic in Prescott is a team of highly-trained, qualified and licensed professionals who tailor each session to the client’s needs. This provides the best support to foster their healing and emotional growth. We are sensitive to specific needs and carefully approach areas to allow a secure place to venture past painful experiences. Stabilizing and regulating emotions and behaviors is also worked on throughout the therapeutic process.

Grace & Peace Counseling works with individuals with ADHD, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, co-occurring disorders, anger management, behavioral disorders, chronic illness, co-dependency, substance abuse, and trauma.

Christ centered counseling is also available for family counseling services, Christian youth counseling, marriage counseling and individual therapy.


Sometimes certain people may anger you and you’re not sure why they do.  Built up anger results in increased bitterness, distant relationships, lack of empathy and diminished joy.  Identifying and releasing root causes of anger allows you to experience true freedom and live out the purpose you were created for.


This world is a sad place and without truth guiding you it inevitably leads to depression. We don’t believe in “once depressed, always depressed.”  Rather, finding freedom will release you from the bondage of depression that has kept you a prisoner for so long.


It’s common to feel that you are inadequate and feel there are always others who can do things better than you.  You were created for a purpose.  Identifying that purpose gives you direction, hope and meaning. We can help you discover who you were created to be.

Substance Abuse

We do not teach the 12-steps, nor do we agree with that philosophy.  Substance abuse is a coping strategy used to avoid feeling a certain way.  It may be covering up guilt, shame, anger, depression, worthlessness or other emotions.  Identifying and bringing healing to those areas will allow you to experience freedom from the substance that has claimed you.


Many people have experienced trauma in their lives. Trauma symptoms are a normal response to an abnormal situation. Some common trauma symptoms are difficulty trusting others or yourself, nightmares, anxiety, depression, feeling hopeless, lacking attachment or inability to feel close to others, fear, anger, or being “overly sensitive”. Healing from trauma is possible. We would like to join with you on your journey of healing from past trauma.

& More

This is not an exhaustive list.  If you feel like you have an issue that you would like to discuss in therapy at our counseling clinic in Prescott please contact us.

Our hope is to provide direction to what you are searching for.