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Gratitude No Matter What

Happy Friday! There are moments when our practice of gratitude depends on what is happening around us. There is something that can help you feel more grounded and less anxious. Be more optimistic and even sleep better with gratitude.

Gratitude let’s us find the good, even when our circumstances are tough.

Feeling that there is some goodness in your life is important and life changing. Gratitude doesn’t mean overlooking pain, struggle, and hardship. It means finding the good, even when these are present. You can be angry, grieving, sad or despairing and still feel gratitude.

Gratitude reminds us to appreciate positive traits in yourself, others, and the world. Consistently practicing gratitude through great times and the storms of life helps us to feel calmer, happier and at peace. It also helps us build capacity to deal with disappointments, conflicts and stress.

I Invite You Start a Gratitude Journal

Identify 3 things you are thankful to have in your life. This method was invented by Dr. Martin Seligman, the pioneer of Positive Psychology. The journal takes less than a minute or so to complete and is perhaps the best way to easily increase your level of happiness.

First is to think of something that happened to you during the day that you felt was good, or in some way made you happy. Second, to simply write down in a your journalwhat it was that made you feel good. Thirdly, which Dr. Seligman emphasizes is the most important part, to reflect on your role in creating that moment of goodness or happiness. For example, my gratitude journal yesterday included having a good conversation with a friend and enjoying listening to my boys tell me about their days. This gratitude can also be something as simple as feeling your dog’s excitement to see you.

Notice, savor, and breathe gratitude.