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Daily Coping Solutions for COVID-19 #22


The impact of COVID-19 is something no one is immune to experiencing. We have all been impacted in some form or fashion. Some of us may have to work from home, not work at all or scramble to find resources to pay rent.

Benefits of a Routine

In the midst of our normal no longer being in sight, its important to find a routine. The benefits of a routine are tremendous. We’ll focus on a couple of these benefits today.

A routine can provide organization and structure to your life. When you have more organization and structure with your physical space and time, you are enabling your mind the same freedom to have organization and structure.

Then Everything Changed

Toward the end of spring break, it was announced the children would not be going back to school for a couple of weeks. Our routine with home and work shifted – a lot. Already it seemed to be a careful balance with all of the aspects of life coming together smoothly. These changes made the new routine look something like this:

  • Wake up to children blaring with excitement that they have an extra long spring break
  • Realize that you have no idea what the plan is for work, school or childcare
  • Figure out that no one really wants to provide childcare
  • Think that its probably a good idea for the kids to do something educational
  • Kids want a snack
  • We don’t have the “right” snacks at home
  • Turn on a YouTube video with fun facts about India so I can cross social studies off the list
  • Go to the store and realize the store doesn’t have the “right” snacks either
  • Kids still want a snack
  • Try a craft project to teach the kids about the earth
  • Realize I have an abundance of work related text messages and voicemails that I don’t have time to respond to
  • Kids still want a snack even though they have had lunch and dinner at this point
  • Kids finally go to bed and I sit on the couch too exhausted to think about what tomorrow will look like
  • The next day – repeat the cycle

Maybe your transition to this new season was a little smoother. A routine like this will quickly drain you mentally and physically. Stress gets increased as self-care becomes non-existent. Feeling like every moment of the day is playing catch up only perpetuates the cycle.

Make a Routine That Works for You

Take the time, stop all of the noise for a minute, and create a routine. By doing this you will be reducing stress, creating organization and quieting your environment. When your physical space is organized, it helps organize your thoughts. You are able to accomplish more, be more efficient and become more proficient all with less stress.