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Daily Coping Solutions for COVID-19 #25


This Easter looks different for just about anyone who celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. In a lot of ways, this can feel defeating, irritating and saddening. I encourage you to remember that the reason we celebrate Easter is that Jesus overcame!

Easter Traditions

Most people have some specific ways they celebrate Easter. One of these is coming together with your church to celebrate. Although this will look different, churches around the world are still coming together to celebrate. I encourage you to not let the barrier and change of church being online limit your celebration which has brought you eternal life!

Easter is also one of the days that people get more dressed up for church. Women put on amazing dresses and men wear handsome suits. Parents take a lot of care in picking out cute outfits for their children. Pictures are taken and memories are made. Just because you won’t be going and interacting with anybody doesn’t mean these things will need to change. Remember to make it special.

Having special meals is another way many people celebrate. You can definitely make a special Easter dinner with your family as part of the celebration. You can try sharing tasks in the kitchen and even put up festive decor.

Many people get their children Easter baskets filled with goodies. They also have egg hunts and watch as their children run around trying to find all of the hidden eggs with the special surprises inside. This may not be done with friends, but your children can still have a great time with these traditions at home.

The Resurrection is Greater Than Traditions

You may be bummed that you can’t physically go to church and celebrate. Watching Easter service online may seem lackluster. It may be annoying that Easter supplies at the store are harder to get. You may be saddened you can’t show off the cute dresses you got for your daughters. Cooking just for your immediate family may feel like every other day.

I encourage you to not put traditions over the reason we celebrate Easter in the first place. The enemy would love for you to think that “Easter is ruined” and that “it’s just not the same.” Remember that we don’t celebrate Easter because of what we do today. We celebrate Easter because of what Jesus did for us two thousand years ago.

May you and your family be reminded of the love God has for you this Easter. Be thoughtful in your celebrations and make this Easter an intimate moment between you and our Father.