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Daily Coping Solutions for COVID-19 #8

What are you focused on today? If you’re anything like me, its easy to focus on the barriers and obstacles that have become an everyday reality for us as we navigate the COVID-19 situation. Some of these barriers may include not being able to get together with friends, not being able to go out to eat, not being able to get what you want from the store, not being able to have a conversation with somebody without talking about the coronavirus.

We often focus on what we can’t do as compared to the opportunities that we now have. This is due to something called negative bias. The way our brains work is to have a natural lean toward focusing on the negatives. This can often be a helpful thing that protects us in many situations. The negative bias can backfire when we get stuck in negative thinking patterns. Increased depression and loneliness can often result from overworking our negative bias.

What if instead of the negative bias having control we regain control and shift our focus? Imagine all of the things we are now able to do because of the barriers and obstacles that have become reality for us. This may be different for each of you but may include having more time to spend with your kids, time to organize the garage, time to start that project that you have been wanting to do but haven’t been able to fit it into your schedule.

When we start looking at what can be rather than what can’t be we regain control over our emotional state. What is it worth to have control over your circumstances but no control over your emotions? Imagine how freeing it would feel to have control over your emotions. You can do it, you can be free. What will you shift your focus to today?