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Daily Coping Solutions for COVID-19 #41

Lend a Helping Hand

The announcement the governor gave yesterday extending the stay at home orders can feel frustrating for many. When will this ever end? When will life return to normal? How are we supposed to plan for the months ahead?

While we find ourselves with questions among the difficulties that come with the COVID-19 lifestyle, relief is achievable. One of the ways we can do this is through altruistic behaviors to those around us.


Altruism is the practice of selflessness for the wondering of others. When we set aside what we what and need for a moment and press in to those around us, we grow stronger. It’s so easy to get caught up in thinking about our own needs and wants and subsequently disregard others in the process. A great example of this is the lack of toilet paper many had to go through.

Additionally, when we immerse ourselves in this selfless process, we are able to find purpose, feel good and spread joy. Here are the benefits of altruistic behavior:

Altruism is Contagious: When we do something good for someone, the person we did good for is much more likely to do good toward another person. Imagine if this were to keep tricking through our country. 

Increased Happiness: We are happier when we are doing things for others. Although doing something for yourself can feel good and is certainly not always bad, increases happiness can be found when we stop living for ourselves and put someone else first.

Decreases Chronic Pain: Oddly enough studies show that when we are helping others we experience a decrease with chronic pain.

Longer Life: Studies show that those who help others throughout their life live longer than people who only look out for themselves.

Lowers Blood Pressure: Lowered blood pedir means more physical health. Exercise is certainly a positive thing for our physical health but helping others can have similar benefits.

Encourages Positive Behavior: You feel rewarded and the other person feels rewarded when you selflessly chose to offer help. This feeling of reward encourages us to continue doing well to others.

Sense of Purpose and Satisfaction: Helping others gives you a sense of purpose and suffocation. Instead of sitting in your own gloom out thinking about your own worries you are adding good to those around you.

I encourage you to lend a helping hand to someone around you today. This could be an elderly neighbor who has hardworking to get done, a sick neighbor that needs groceries delivered or anyone else around you with whatever they may be going through. Altruistic behavior dies not need to be elaborate, drawn out plans. It’s simply being more selfless and offering a helping hand.