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Daily Coping Solutions for COVID-19 #40

Change Begins in the Small Things

I’ve heard story after story of people wanting to make their situations better during COVID-19. This makes sense since what we once knew to be normal life hasn’t occurred for a while now. We like consistency and for things to fit right in our lives.

Many of these stories of making improvements in our lives involve elaborate plans on how we will keep in contact with people, adjust to school at home and many other ways our lives have been impacted. Often these plans to make these improvements are so elaborate that it becomes exhausting due to the added complexity.

Change begins with the small things. Here is a small post. Find one little area that you want to see change and focus on that. This could be choosing to smile more often, taking five minutes of silence with no electronics, or crossing one thing off your to do list. When we choose one small thing, the ripple effect it has on the other areas is much greater than we could imagine.

What small thing will you change today?