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Daily Coping Solutions for COVID-19 #35

Are We There Yet?

Just this spring break our family took a trip down to Rocky Point. It’s a great place to get away to especially because of the close proximity. While we were driving down, at least five times an hour, I hear the words, “are we there yet?”

We often hear this saying from our kids that are stuck in the car on road trips. When we are on road trips we have an answer for our kids due to our gps providing an arrival time. I’m able to answer my kids by telling them information that has some definition (although if I tell them 2 more hours vs two more days I’m not sure that would change their response).

This helpful information is missing with the pandemic.  We are provided predictions and hypothesis but a definite arrival time is something that none of us know. This leads us to waiting.  Waiting is hard. It creates the need for patience and letting go of the ability to control the results or plan for the future.  The waiting has created our ability to wait and watch with hope and expectation. 

Having Hope

Hope is an anticipation of a future event, occurrence or outcome. An expectation is the belief that something in the future is going to happen.  

1.     Having hope means you are trusting the process.  We are currently in this process of waiting and trusting that this will come to an end.  Having an expectation means you are trusting the results.

2.      Having hope means that the future is uncertain. Having an expectations means that you are predetermining the future. 

3.     Having hope is an action of humility. Having expectation can be an act of pride. 

4.     Having a hope does not disappoint. Having an expectation often leads to disappointment when it falls short.  

5.     Having a hope produces a life of faith. Having an expectation produces a life of entitlement.