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Daily Coping Solutions for COVID-19 #34

The Innocent Simplicity of a Child

The photo used on this post is a poster made from one of my child clients. They said that they wanted to make a poster to help people during the COVID-19 pandemic. I love the simplicity of the language my client used, “Don’t be scard it’s okay.”

As adults, most of us would lean toward a response to COVID-19 that has some more meat to it. To keep it as simple as telling someone not to be scared and that it’s okay would not be enough to grasp the complexities and tragedy involved. I’m reminded of Jesus’ words in Matthew 19, “The Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.”

Growing up and maturing helps us to move forward in life, but it does this by making us think more and learning from our experiences. Overall, this is a really beneficial thing that helps us set and make goals and points us toward achievement. Below are a few of the adult barriers that get created that often keep us from the innocent simplicity of a child.

Barriers Keeping Us From Being Like Children

  1. Conditions: If we take my client’s phrase of “Don’t be scard it’s okay,” we would want to add a clause to it. This may look like, “Don’t be scard it’s okay as long as…” As long as my loved one doesn’t die, my retirement account bounces back, my favorite restaurant doesn’t close, etc. We subconsciously add conditions making it nearly impossible for the simply phrase to stand on it’s own.
  2. Conditional Reasoning: We use our past experiences to predict outcomes on current experiences a lot. For many situations, this is extremely helpful. It helps us make good decisions and guides us to having a positive result. It also keeps us from believing the simple truths we hear. 
  3. Over Analyzing: Most people need to test the validity of statements before they become truth. If someone is hearing that thousands of people are dying everyday from COVID-19, how easy is it to take the words, “Don’t be scard it’s okay?” We begin to think about the reasons we should be scared and example after example of why things are not okay.
  4. Fear: No one is immune to experiencing fear. For some it may be a fear of physical health and for others a fear of finances, work or relationships. When fear creeps in any of these areas, trusting to not be scared and believing it will be okay becomes difficult.
  5. Comfort & Security: We live blessed lives being in the United States. We are blessed with finances, possessions and freedoms. Even people on the poorer side in the US have great wealth compared to much of the world. This is something that our human nature finds comfort and security in. What happens when the pandemic threatens what we find comforting and safe? Putting our comfort and security in finances, circumstances or other things that will fade will inevitably leave us in a place of discomfort and vulnerable.

Today I challenge you to take the mindset of a child. Allow the innocent simplicity of child-like reasoning to impact how you navigate through the challenges of COVID-19. Being able to sit with simple truths can bless you, your family and your loved ones tremendously.