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Daily Coping Solutions for COVID-19 #20

The Power of Prayer

A recent study found that 55% of Americans pray everyday. This is self reported data, but it can be assumed that even if not all 55% prayed everyday, they at least had intentions to do so. Praying is one way to help your spiritual needs and is proven to provide comfort in times of crisis.

For many non-believers, a crisis within the family paves the way for their first prayer experience with God. Even someone who doesn’t believe in God cares about their family. When someone is hurting and their life is threatened, people will reach out to any avenue that may help them be well.

Prayers increase for those who already choose to pray regularly in times of crisis. COVID-19 may have affected someone you know. If this is the case, it is likely your concern for this person has increased and your prayers may have matched that increase. Maybe you don’t know anyone who has contracted the virus. You may have concern coming from what is happening to many people all over the world.

Whether prayer is something you have done regularly, just started trying or is just a thought of something that could be helpful, we encourage you to pray today. Here are some topics to pray for, but please don’t limit your prayers if you think of things not on this list.

Prayer Topics

  1. Family. Pray for your family that they will be healthy and have an enriched relationship with God.
  2. Friends. Pray for your friends that they will be comforted and find peace even in the midst of turmoil.
  3. Government Leaders. Whether you think they are doing a good job or not, pray for our leaders. Pray that they will have divine insight on how to manage this crisis effectively.
  4. Work. Many people are facing challenging times due to a loss of a job. Pray that during this time your financial needs will be taken care of and your wisdom and patience would grow.
  5. Medical Workers. So many medical workers are on the front line battling the virus and coming in close contact with it everyday. Pray for their safety and their ability to help those who are sick.
  6. The Church. Most churches are not meeting right now but that doesn’t mean the church is dormant. The church is the people – not the building. Pray that churches all over the world would bring life, hope and healing.
  7. Yourself. Pray that you would have wisdom on how to navigate the effects of COVID-19 in your life effectively. Ask God that you would be protected from the disease as well as pride, selfishness and foolishness. Pray that you will have divine insight that impacts people for eternity.

Prayer has a powerful effect on both the micro and macro levels. Spending time in prayer can change the course of the most terrifying circumstances. This can also change your heart. If you have prayers you wanted to share or you want to pray with someone today we would be happy to pray with you!