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Daily Coping Solutions for COVID-19 #19

Reconnecting Past Relationships

During this season, many of us are hearing messages and suggestions that encourage us to reach out to those we love. This seems like it would make sense since it would keep us connected, in relationship and decrease likeliness of depression. What about the people we had connection with and for some reason became disconnected?

Some of these relationships could have fizzled due to a physical relocation or job change in your past that simply had your paths cross less. Over time this would have naturally created distance in a relationship you once valued.

Other relationships could have faded away into lives of busyness. Many of us can relate to taking on more tasks and projects, which ultimately leaves less time for everything else. Unfortunately, this may have included relationships that had meaning in your life.

Certain relationships in your past could have been disconnected by choice. This may come from being hurt, abused, or mistreated. This could also stem from disagreements and not seeing eye to eye. In the moment, disconnecting these relationships may have seemed like a good idea.

In this season you have a choice to reconnect past relationships and make amends where appropriate. Imagine being able to bury the hatchet with a long lost friend. Imagine the peace you would experience when you turn your heart toward peace.

Not all relationships may be appropriate to reconnect. This is especially true when there has been hurt or abuse involved. Imagine if this time were to be used to bring you healing or even just allow you to process and manage these experiences in a more productive manner?

What relationships did you have in your past that are no longer connected today? Which of these relationships could you rekindle and add peace to your life?