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Daily Coping Solutions for COVID-19 Day #4

Music is deeply connected to the brain and has a strong effect on our emotions. Music can evoke emotional responses to relax, reduce anxiety, aids pain relief, and improves the quality of life. Today’s exercise is to turn on the music.

Humans thrive off of listening to music. Our brains have something called “music memory.” For some their music memory is better than others, but most of us have the ability to remember how a song goes and are able to singalong with our favorites. Music memory stays in our brain for a very long time. Certain songs have a way of taking us back to a specific time or place in your life. This allows us to connect and reminisce about emotional experiences.

Take a moment today to turn up the tunes, sing along and reminisce about the memories or emotions that come from listening. Around the world, right now, people are connecting through music. You can have a singalong FaceTime moment with loves ones or sing over the phone with each other. Be creative and embrace the joy music brings to your heart and soul.