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Daily Coping Solutions for COVID-19 #30

Don’t Forget to Smile

Have you noticed how people interact with each other at the store? A few months ago it wasn’t uncommon to have people rushing at the store and attempting to get what they need and get out. It was a welcoming breath of fresh air if you ran into another customer who greeted you with a smile.

Now when you go to the store have you seen the faces people make? It seems like people assume you are the infected one and will be responsible for them getting sick if you get too close. People look at others with the most amusing faces (go to the store and see for yourself) that also convey condemnation. Many people are scared to interact with those around them and it can feel like a dreary place.

Imagine if you could be a light in the midst of those shopping experiences. Imagine the impact that could have on someone else if you were to offer them a smile. Did you know smiling has a lot of benefits? The simple change of your face muscles can help alter moods and even help your body fight illness!

Benefits of Smiling

  1. Improved Mood. The physical act of smiling triggers an endorphin release within your body. These increased endorphins boost moods by allowing people to feel happier and more positive.
  2. Lower Blood Pressure. Studies have shown that smiling, especially laughing, leads to an immediate increase in heart rate and oxygen consumption. This is then followed by your muscles all relaxing making heart rate and blood pressure drop.
  3. Reduced Stress. The reduction in blood pressure and heart rate inevitably impact the severity of stress. Our bodies are able to cope with stress in a more productive and effective manner.
  4. Improved Interpersonal Relationships. Smiling is one of those things that makes you a more likable person. You immediately have increased trust levels with others and the ability to develop connection more quickly. It’s hard to fight or have conflict with someone who is giving you a genuine smile.
  5. More Productive Immune Response. Smiling and laughing increases your body’s immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies. Having these increased allows you to have a much more productive immune response.
  6. Reduced Pain. Studies have compared the effectiveness of pain medication to smiling. Smiling is able to provide people with just as much, and in some cases more, pain relief as compared to the medication. If you have a hurt, smiling may be a great option.

Help yourselves and help others when you choose to put a smile on your face. Reduce your stress and bring joy to others by choosing to make your face do something different today.