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Daily Coping Solutions for COVID-19 #17

Embracing the seasons of life means, embracing the joy and contentment through every season. The things surrounding COVID-19 are sad, defeating, and scary. On many levels the virus is out of our control. This can bring a sense of powerlessness in this season of life. This season can certainly be dark and gloomy for many.

Today I encourage you to lean into the season of spring.  Though there may be darkness around us, beautiful life continues to grow in abundance. When we look outside we see spring all around us. Spring is happening. Spring offers birds singing, fragrant smells like fresh rain showers and sweet flowers. A season of new beginnings and the end of dormancy engage us outside to the garden or to sit and feel the warm sun.

I enjoy hearing, seeing, tasting and feeling the warmth the freshness of spring brings each year.  However, this spring has come with other challenges. We can lean into the fear and challenges of COVID-19 or lean into nature and animals as they continue their natural process of coming out of hibernation, flowers beginning to sprout, tree and grass turning green. Nature continues to move forward as the world faces chaos.

When we look outside of ourselves and fears of what is going on we can find the joy, contentment, and peace in watching nature and animals.  Today I encourage you to go outside and use your 5 senses to smell, listen, taste, touch, see the wonders that surround you.  We have an opportunity to ground ourselves in the goodness of spring or the chaos of the world.