Daily Coping Solutions for COVID-19 #9

We all like to have fun but sometimes we choose not to based on our circumstances.  I challenge you to have fun today and reap the positive benefits that intentionally choosing fun can bring to your life.

One of these benefits is a reduction in stress. The cortisol in our bodies raises to an unhealthy level when we are stressed. When we choose to have fun, we reduce the stress and the reaction of the cortisol in our bodies.

Improved mood, better sleep and enhancement with memory recall are all positive benefits we receive when we choose to have fun. These benefits come from the reduction in cortisol and reduce the times when we feel like we are living life on autopilot.

More energy and ability to cope comes with having fun. We remind our bodies how to regulate all of our emotions when we are in the midst of fun so when we find ourselves with stress, we can be prepared to handle it effectively. Often people train themselves to react better to the stress rather than train themselves for the calm and joy.

Your relationships will also improve with increased fun. Fun reminds us that relationships are good, enjoyable and life-bringing. It’s easy to see chaos around us and develop a perspective that assumes negatives in others and creates relational distance.

Whatever life is throwing at you today, may you be reminded and encouraged to intentionally take time out for some fun. This may be a game with your kids, skipping rocks on a creek or laughing about past memories.

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