Daily Coping Solutions for COVID-19 #16

What is Normal?

Normalcy get disrupted a month ago and since then each day can bring new and unexpected challenges. I have learned that my children’s teachers are blessings and that I am thankful for them. Attempting to provide school from home would have been a joke two months ago.

The schooling is just one of many examples of how life has changed and keeps shifting during the course of COVID-19. Constant shifting into new norms and patterns of life seems to throw consistency right out of the window. Consistency and routine bring normalcy and with these things being affected it can add challenges to our everyday life.

Even with all of the shifting aspects in our lives, there are consistent and stable things we can hold on to. With all of the changes occurring in our lives, it is easy and natural to focus on what is changing and what is challenging. If we stay here, we miss out on what is keeping us grounded.

What Keeps You Anchored?

Connecting with friends and family via FaceTime, reading that book you’ve been unable to get to, or playing games with your family are all ways that help keep people anchored. For me and my family, we stay anchored in our faith in God. In doing this we are able to feel joy rather than despair, find hope rather than gloom, share peace rather than anxiety and love rather than hate.

What is it that is keeping you anchored during this time when normalcy continues changing everyday?

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